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Check out Natural Path Nutrition Inc. on WGN People to People discussing the New Age of Awareness Rally 2016, the very first one!

​​New Age of Awareness Rally        Natural Path Nutrition Inc. and its interns, the New Age of Chicago Project, put on an annual rally called the New Age of Awareness Rally to support engaging in black on black business transactions versus black on black crime; and, to additionally promote a new age of awareness regarding health and wellness, economic empowerment, food deserts, and community service and development. 

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Develop A Mentality ProgramThe DAMP program is a program designed to assist in developing the mentalities of the youth in our community. Read More

​​Nutrition Education ProgramNatural Path Nutrition Inc. has an excellent nutrition education program designed to educate students on the importance of proper nutrition in the pursuit of health and wellness Read More

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."