Mentality Development

Develop A Mentality Program

The DAMP program is a program designed to assist in developing the mentalities of the youth in our community. Community development as a strategy for mental health aims to develop social, emotional, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of the community. Through the program, students will learn the 24 point Cultural Development Mentality.

The Cultural Development Mentality is important because students will learn the following:

The importance of a strong family and community.
The power of education inside of the school and outside of the school.
The importance of self-determination.
Important Black Leaders.
The power and importance of knowing history.
The importance of keeping up with current events.
Identify solutions to community problems based on local and global issues.
How health and wellness plays a role in “mentality development”, i.e., proper diet, the avoidance of alcohol and drugs.
Culmination presentation

Moreover, this program teaches students to appreciate their culture and develop critical thinking skills. The cultural component helps students build their presentation, oration, public speaking skills, increase self-confidence, develop an appreciation for books and reading.

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