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5 Reasons Women Chose Breastfeeding

Everyone, at this point, has heard at least once to breastfeed over formula. You might have even heard a few scattered answers here and there why to do so “…smarter kids… less fussy”.

Here are some big five reasons women have chosen to breastfeed:

  1. The “love hormone” oxytocin (also found during sex and labor) is released at large amounts during breastfeeding. This hormone helps to build a bond between you and your baby through the act of breastfeeding. It also is protective for mothers again postpartum depression, and is a reason why women who originally planned to stop breastfeeding earlier continue past their set dates. It brings happiness to themselves and their child.

  2. It’s always with you. You will never pack a bag and “forget” to bring along your breast milk. 100% of the time you will be prepared to feed your baby whenever their hunger strikes.

  3. Nutrition is tailored for your baby! No matter what, you have to feed baby, and your body knows exactly what your baby needs (a perk of growing it inside you for 40 weeks).

  4. Immune systems. Just like when baby was inside you being fed from the umbilical cord, now baby gets food from you and all those antibodies and probiotics that it experienced inside are now being experienced outside by way of breastmilk!

  5. Formula has to be bought and bought and bought again as you go through the ins and outs of feeding your baby. Breastmilk comes at no cost to you. Even if you do need to use a bottle and pump your milk out for future use, the costs are still miniscule when compared to formula.

Of course this only covers some of the unique reasons that women may choose to breastfeed their child. Why did you choose to breastfeed? Please share your reasons in the comments below!

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