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How do you know you have COVID-19 (Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2)?

Symptoms Include:

Fever or chills


Difficulty breathing/shortness of breath


New loss of taste & smell


Sore throat



Muscle and body aches

Nasal congestion

Knowing When to See a Doctor:

Trouble breathing

Bluish lips and face

New confusion

Inability to stay awake

Pain in the chest

Ways to Stay Safe:

20 seconds of hand-washing before touching your mouth, eyes, or nose, after touching things, before eating, after shopping, and even after caring for someone who may be sick.

Wearing a mask over your mouth and nose when out in public

Practicing social distancing

Clean surfaces with disinfectant

And cover your cough and sneezes.

Credits: CDC

Post by Jasmine Mitchell

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