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November 4th: National Stress Awareness Day

Our health is a big indicator of the amount of stress we have. Health and stress are cofactors of each other. Stress can be attributed to many external factors such as work, school, social relationships, physical abuse, and financial situation. It is important to be able to cope with stress in order to lead a positive life in the communities we live in. Living as a racial and ethnic minority puts individuals at a higher risk for stress. Community health awareness in populations of minorities should be an essential need and right to overall quality of life for these individuals.

There are Two Types of Stress:

  1. Acute stress- is the most common type and is short term it is rooted from demands and pressures from events within a person’s life

  2. Chronic stress- is long term and expresses an unending feeling of hopelessness and despair from environmental factors such as poverty, family dysfunction, feeling helpless, and traumatic childhood experiences

Facts About Stress:

  • Stress is the natural response of your body in certain situations

  • Stress protects our bodies from harm

  • Excessive amounts of stress can be harmful to the body, mind, and social relationships

Ways to Cope with Stress:

  • Develop coping skills for anxiety such as watching a movie or reading

  • Identify and let go of things you cannot change

  • Exercise

  • Find positive hobbies and activities to do

  • Eat more healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables

  • Go for a walk

  • Take a soothing bath

  • Meditate

Chronic Stressors with Health Disparities Include:

  • Perceived discrimination

  • Neighborhood stress

  • Daily stress

  • Family stress

  • Environment stress

  • Acculturative stress

  • Maternal stress

Racial and Ethnic Minorities health overall is worse than that of White Americans.

Determinants of Stress Related to being a Racial and Ethnic Minority:

  • Economic stability

  • Education

  • Geography

  • environment

  • Inability to access to healthcare

  • Inability to navigate daily objectives


Edited by: Jasmine Mitchell

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