Uproot Initiative

transformative justice

  • Depowering of Police

  • Diversion Program

  • Domestic Violence Prevention

Public education

  • Nutrition Education

  • Liberation Theology

  • Music Appreciation

food security

  • Food Insecurity vs. Food Security

  • Urban Gardening

  • Domestic Violence

needs assessments

Coming to the needs of the people! If you are in need and in the Champaign community, fill out below!

Diversion Program

Food Security, Domestic Violence Prevention, and the Depowering of Police

  • Direct connection between food insecurity and domestic violence

  • Domestic violence has increased globally due to COVID-19

Uproot Initiative focuses on restructuring education especially in the midst of a pandemic that has drastically changed how education is delivered from the teacher to the student. Under CDC guidelines for social distancing, we can continue to educate children in smaller classrooms through a more personal and uplifting form of education. This altered form of education also seeks to remove students from classrooms to have "real world" applications of what they are taught in schools. These areas combat food insecurity, foster transformative justice and offers a philosophical approach to personal, cultural and spiritual development.

Restructuring Education

Food for Body

Food for Thought

Food for Soul

Combatting Food Insecurity

Here at Natural Path Nutrition Inc., we believe food in its natural, whole state is essential to the soul and to overall health and wellness. Food insecurity is a public health crisis, especially in the midst of a pandemic, as many families struggle to feed their families. How do we combat food insecurity and all that it causes:

  • Building and sustaining neighborhood pop up pantries

  • Nutrition education and food preparation

  • Prioritizing individuals involved in Intimate Partner Violence

  • Needs assessments for High Risk Individuals

  • Grassroots Organizing

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